Get Data Driven
Highly Targeted Marketing to Drive Conversion
Personalized Direct
Marketing As Unique As Each Customer
Omnichannel Postal Retargeting By Boomerang direct
Turn Browsers Into Buyers

Marketing Technology

Retarget abandoned web browsers,
even if they never logged-in
using our highly-effective proprietary
Boomerang direct technology

Deep Data Expertise

Predictive analytics, our in-house
database, and tailored scoring models
to target only those most likely to buy
and bring you the highest ROI

Customer Journey Management

Prospecting, retargeting
opportunities, current and lapsed
customers, event-based Marketing

Target customers and prospects in-home
with timely, highly-personalized messaging


Life Event Marketing

New Movers – The holy grail for household goods

Newly Married

Newly engaged

Front sample of postcard mailed to prospect
Back sample of postcard mailed to prospect


Engage your browse and cart abandons

with highly personalized direct mail

even if they never logged in

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Extend the current transaction

Thank You, next logical purchase…

Build relationship with your most important asset

Keep them engaged, interested and converting!

Front sample of retention postcard
Back sample of retention postcard


Predictive analytics insights bring customers back in

Re-engage your dormant portfolio

Reduce customer churn

Front sample of reactivation postcard
Back sample of reactivation postcard

We are all about being direct

Direct answers to your marketing effectiveness questions…

Direct tracking of store activity back to web activity…

Direct Marketing Expertise for over 20 years