Direct Mail To Website Visitors

Turn-key, personalized, daily mailings to your website visitors based on the products they browse and the carts they abandon. A daily data feed of web activity to our print facility results in next day mailings of relevant offers, driving current customers/donors and prospects to your website and/or your closest retail location. Our print capabilities are fully digital & variable with customized sizes & formats. Our dashboard reporting tool allows you to track performance.

Capitalize on the hyper-recency of customers/donors and prospects that have shown an interest in your products, services, or cause. Customize your program to target specific web visitors – cart abandons, multi-page views, and single page views. Test a variety of promotional offers versus your control to see what will move the needle for your next big campaign.

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Maximize Customers And Prospects

Create customer journeys based on modeled first-purchase and subsequent purchase patterns of your current customer file to maximize the value of each customer and prospect engagement. Our customized mapping creates personalized and highly targeted offers to increase your annual sales per customer, reactivate lapsed customers and acquire new customers. Our customer retention and reactivation campaigns include triggers – Thank You, Loyalty, Anniversary, Birthday – and modeled customer reactivation, while our new customer acquisition campaigns include life-stage events – Newlyweds/Newly Engaged, Expecting & New Moms, New Movers – and zip-level models. Opening a new store? Pushing a big sales event? Let us help. Our one-stop, turn-key direct mail solutions can deliver you creative, data analytics, print, production and mailing solutions.


Welcome To The Neighborhood

New Movers. Nobody spends more than a family does in their first six months in a new home. From bath fixtures and window treatments to carpet, furniture and decorative accessories, this group of consumers is all about creating their perfect respite. How can you help them complete their mission? 

We offer a program to target 200,000 – 400,000 weekly new movers, welcome them to their new home, and direct them to your website or closest store. Variable data-driven customization of customer/prospect name, offer, graphic & message. Dynamic locator map directing customers & prospects to closest retail location. How about newlywed couples? Or, newly engaged? Does your product or service target expectant/new mothers? College bounds grads? Our data driven solutions offer trigger programs for every major Life Event.



Monetizing Data Insights

Identify opportunities and leverage data insights based on patterns found in historical and transactional data. Our models help us to analyze and understand the most effective combination of product versions, marketing material, communication channels and timing that should be used to target any given customer or prospective customer. Our models can be applied throughout the customer lifecycle – acquisition, relationship growth, retention, and win-back. We employ statisticians who maintain a multi-source, comprehensive marketing database rich in consumer and business information including demographic, lifestyle and behavioral attributes. Under our consultancy, ‘outside’ data can be used for predictive modeling to identify prospects most likely to respond, buy, or otherwise behave profitably for our clients. If coupled with ‘inside’ data, we can run retention, cross-sell/upsell or trigger modeling for customer retention, loyalty building, and client recapture. Our data management solutions are scalable to all business sizes and provide comprehensive customer insights across multi-channel campaigns.