Website Visitor Follow Up

Daily 6”x9” postcard mailing of non-buying website visitors – both cart abandonment and browse behavior, daily data feed to our print facility. Next day mailings. Fully digital & variable. A personalized, relevant offer based on products viewed, direct mail offer drives to web and/or closest retail location

Target the best of the best based on: Budget. Proprietary optimization models. First class delivery


Retail Data Reporting

Measure your results for: Creative & Promotion Effectiveness, Marketing Channel Spend, Prospecting, Traffic,  ROI Analysis, RFM Segmentation, Historical archive for all of your offers…and your competitors, Customized, team-specific email and text alerts


Maximize Prospects and Customers

Create a customer journey to maximize the value of each customer and prospect using our mapping in a personalized and highly targeted manner. Our one-stop, turn-key direct mail solutions can deliver you creative, data analytics, print, production and mailing solutions.


Welcome To The Neighborhood

Turnkey program to target 200,000 – 400,000 weekly new movers, welcome them to their new home, and direct them to your website or closest store. Variable data-driven customization of customer/prospect name, offer, graphic & message Dynamic locator map directing prospect to closest retail location. Upon request, retailer may receive copy of who was mailed in their market.


Leveraging Critical Data

Leveraging critical data at consumer, household and geographic levels from both our in-house database and client’s customer files, we turn raw data into targeted, actionable opportunities to drive the offer.