direct marketing products to drive customers to purchase no matter where they are in the customer journey


Life Event Marketing

  • New Movers are the Holy Grail of prospecting for household durable goods
  • 200-400,000 available weekly. We score the best prospects for your business
  • Newly married and newly engaged trigger programs available


Browse and Cart Abandons

  • Our Boomerang direct technology identifies your web browsers. Even if they never logged in…
  • Highly personalized direct mail down to the specific offer or product browsed
  • Your best customers and prospects mailed every day

customer retention

Relationship With Your Most Important Asset

  • Marketing $ spent on retaining your customer base is your best dollar spent – Your highest sales ROI
  • Keep them engaged, interested and returning
  • Thank You, next logical purchase, 30/60 day, events, sales…


Customer Reactivation

  • Reactivate your dormant portfolio – Gain incremental sales
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Purchase Anniversary, 3 or 6-month, special “welcome back” or “we miss you” offers

Business intelligence

Learn Which Marketing Works

  • Visualize any KPI that matters to you and measure the return of every marketing dollar
  • Integrated with your POS, traffic counter and finance company
  • A FREE resource to every LS Client. Reviewed monthly with one of our data scientists or analysts

our data and predictive analytics allow the right marketing cadence and personalization – marketing as unique as each customer…