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Traditional Brands Shift to DTC to Combat Lack of Retail Traffic

Over the past decade, a growing number of innovative brands such as Harry’s, Bonobos and Warby Parker have shaped a new, direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model. By selling directly to loyal customers, these startups bypass the traditional wholesale and retail middlemen. Given the circumstances posed by COVID-19 this past year, it’s not surprising that a number […]

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What’s Old is New Again — and Driving Impressive Results

Direct mail has become an unexpectedly post-modern way to reach consumers. It’s a tactile experience that engages other senses than simply the eyes and ears. Having something to touch, to hold, to experience of a brand is at the heart of relationship building. Yes, even if it’s simply a postcard.

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New Times, New Tactics: Keeping Up with Evolving Buyer Behaviors in the Post-pandemic World

It’s fair to say that the pandemic changed many Americans’ daily behaviors (hand sanitizer and home schooling, anyone?) Beyond these initial “how do we stay safe?” shifts, consumers have adopted significantly different behaviors over the past several months — particularly when it comes to making a purchase.

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LS Direct Supports Local Families this Holiday Season

This December, LS Direct was proud to participate in the Vincent Crotty Memorial Foundation Holiday Family Sponsorship. This program aims to help families in the Suffern, NY area who are facing tough times due to deaths in the family, illnesses, job losses, devastating fires, divorces, Covid-19 issues, and more. In 2020, the generosity of the sponsors allowed the program to assist more families than ever.

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LS Direct Supports Suffern PD Toy Drive

Throughout the months of November and December, the LS Direct team purchased toys to donate to the Suffern Police Holiday Toy Drive. This annual event is a perennial favorite around the office and 2020 was no different. Remote team members took advantage of ecommerce so they could still contribute; the boxes were delivered up to the last moment.

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Brian DeLaite, Vice President, Marketing Solutions, accepted into Forbes Communications Council

Brian DeLaite, VP Marketing Solutions at LS Direct, has been accepted into Forbes Communications Council, an invite-only community for executives in communications, marketing, and public relations. 

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LS Direct December 9, 2020