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SmartDash™ aggregates all your key data in one place, so you can easily view and measure the impact of every marketing dollar you spend. It’s a powerful data analysis tool available on your desktop whenever you want it.


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Learn Which Marketing Works

With easy access to high-level business intelligence, you can compare campaigns, discover trends and determine where your marketing dollars are best spent.

  • Visualize any KPI and measure the return of our marketing investment.
  • Integrate with your POS, traffic counter and finance company data to discover deeper insights.
  • Generate reports developed by our data analysts whenever you need them.

LS Direct has been a great partner for us through the years and has essentially become part of our team. Their ability to gather, organize, understand and present data has allowed us to continually optimize our spend to the best performing tactic. As a marketer, it’s a great feeling to shift strategies with full confidence you are making the right move.

Todd Garten
EVP, Marketing
Dufresne Spencer Group

Customize your dynamic data experience with SmartDash™

Transparent reporting all in one place.

View metrics on all your direct mail programs. Learn which campaigns maximize margin and drive incremental ROI.

Discover trends more quickly with dynamic data stories.

SmartDash™ integrates your point of sale data with external data — like consumer credit, market penetration, population growth — and more.

Customizable dashboard brings forward the metrics most important to you.

Simply drill down when you need deeper insights. View changing demographic alerts and important announcements on the message board.

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LS Direct December 9, 2020