LS Direct Marketing’s Full-Service
Direct Mail Capabilities

From predictive analytics to the customer mailbox, LS Direct Marketing is the trusted one-stop partner for today’s savvy omnichannel brands to deliver data-driven, highly personalized direct mail messages at just the right time.


Deep Data Expertise Leading to Optimum ROI

  • Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you have the power
    to run a measurable, data-driven marketing campaign.
  • We employ statisticians who maintain our proprietary multi-source,
    comprehensive marketing database, SmartData.
  • We use outside data for predictive modeling to identify prospects most
    likely to respond, buy, or otherwise behave profitably for our clients.
  • Meanwhile, when coupled with your inside data, we can run retention, cross-sell/upsell and trigger modeling for customer retention, loyalty building, and client recapture.

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Creative Services

Inspired Data-Driven Graphic Design

  • Unlike many traditional agencies, LS Direct Marketing utilizes data driven design. Before ink ever hits paper for your direct mail campaign, data is analyzed and applied to the written and visual presentation of your brand.
  • Our customized creative content reaches your unique customers with a
    powerful call to action to drive your business. Most importantly, we respectfully adhere to your organization’s core values and brand standards.
  • All our concepts have seamless media integration with the flexibility to work across various platforms and delivery devices. Therefore, we can provide you with the continuity for cross-channel communications leading to stronger prospect acquisition, customer retention, and profitability.


Quality Printing with Customized Messaging

  • Personalization is the key to being noticed among the clutter of marketing messages. Consequently, that’s where variable data comes into play. At LS Direct Marketing, we are printers who leverage multiple sources of data to print messaging that is most relevant to your customers and prospects.
  • Our in-house printing capability provides quality presentation, pre-press
    process efficiency, and cost savings for your organization.
  • For over 20 years, we have been fully committed to be a trail blazing print facility that utilizes the best digital and offset presses ever manufactured.
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United States Postal Service Mailboxes

Mailing Services

Timely Professional Campaign Launches

  • Our full-service mail shop brings together all the components that make a direct mail campaign successful. Cost-effective and timely fulfillment is essential for delivering personalized messaging at just the right time so you can attain a higher ROI.
  • LS Direct Marketing continually invests in the latest technologies to make sure your mail is processed correctly and in compliance with the latest North American postal standards. As a result, your pieces are in-home when desired.

Campaign Analysis & Business Intelligence

Understanding of Each Marketing Channel in Detail

  • At LS Direct Marketing, we recommend you invest your marketing budget only in what is measurable in building profitable customer relationships. With our data analysis and proprietary reporting methodology, you can generate easy-to-understand analysis that is relevant to all stakeholders.
  • Learn which marketing channels and campaigns are working best during the customer journey with SmartDash™, our data visualization tool. Report on any KPI that matters to your organization, from creative effectiveness to campaign return on investment (ROI.)
  • When integrated with your POS data, traffic counter and finance company, you can discover deeper insights more quickly with powerful statistical tools to help you plan a better budget.
Campaign Analysis