Think you don’t have data?

Large enterprises to small businesses have the power to run a measurable, data driven marketing campaign.

Our data management solutions are scalable, through the optimum analysis LS Direct Marketing provides by integrating with your transactional, point of sale information. Our experts can use simple ‘inside’ data, such as your customer mailing list, to create marketing intelligence to generate leads and reduce promotional costs.

LS Direct Marketing employs statisticians who maintain a multi-source, comprehensive marketing database rich in consumer and business information, which includes demographic, lifestyle and behavioral attributes. Under our consultancy, ‘outside’ data can be used for predictive modeling to identify prospects most likely to respond, buy, or otherwise behave profitably for our clients. If coupled with ‘inside’ data, we can run retention, cross-sell/upsell or trigger modeling for customer retention, loyalty building, and client recapture.

Creative Services

Award winning graphic design

The heart of LS Direct Marketing beats from the commercial printing industry and publishing media roots of our founders, Jeff Horowitz and Chris Knoebel. Together, they have recruited an industry-leading creative services team from top design schools in the Northeast.  Our team not only creates materials to place in media, but media itself is incorporated into each concept from the start.

From concept to layout and design, our talented designers have the experience to turn your ideas into professional, compelling and effective materials. LS Direct Marketing has training, study and practice in the application of color, balance, page layout, typography, and solid graphic design principles. Our creative content reaches your customers with a powerful call to action to drive your business. The message appeals to individual preferences, lifestyles and desires, while respectfully adhering to your organization’s core values and brand standards.

Our creative outcomes surpass those of traditional agencies because LS Direct Marketing actualizes data driven design. Before ink ever hits paper, data is analyzed and applied to the written and visual presentation of your brand that provides continuity across multiple media channels for stronger prospect acquisition, customer retention and profitability.  All our concepts have seamless media integration as well as work across various platforms and delivery devices.

Offset / Digital Printing

We are a one-stop solutions provider.

LS Direct Marketing’s printing capability provides presentation excellence, process efficiency, and cost savings for your organization. From post cards to catalogs, our press department has the digital, sheet fed offset, or heat set web solution to deliver a quality print job.

We are a one-stop solutions provider. Our designers will work closely with you for all your pre-print creative needs, then we will decide on which production option is most suitable. Our completely digital prep department is equipped with both MAC and PC based systems, enabling us to accept files from both platforms. Plus, LS Direct Marketing offers scanning, digital proofing, computer to plate and a secure FTP site.

The key to success in direct marketing is being noticed among the clutter. The way to get noticed among the clutter is to be relevant to the reader.

That’s where variable data steps in. Here at LS Direct we are printers, but we leverage multiple sources of data to print messaging that your customers are receptive to. 

We are a fully committed, trail blazing print facility that utilizes the best digital and offset presses ever manufactured. Period. 

U.S. Postal Service Proposes Cutting 120,000 Jobs

Mailing Services

Timely professional campaign launches

LS Direct Marketing clients experience the premium advantage of our in-house launch services for both postal and email direct marketing.

For our customer retention and prospect conversion solutions to remain relevant, LS Direct Marketing continually invests in the latest technologies to ensure your mail is processed correctly and in compliance with the latest North American postal standards.

For online campaigns, LS Direct Marketing offers private label services from an array of host providers, who specialize in highly-targeted, measurable communications.

Our full service mail shop brings together all the components that make a direct mail campaign successful. We stay in step with all USPS and Canadian postal standards. Even the largest jobs are processed efficiently, flawlessly and quickly. From data integration to ink-jetting, we will produce your piece in a cost-effective, timely manner ensuring that pieces are in-home when desired.

LS Direct Marketing has teamed with the best marketing partners in this industry to design what works best with your online campaign strategy and resources. The results are user-friendly, multi-channel and optimally customized with the convergence of data to design.

We have access to unrivaled email segmentation capabilities. No more ‘blast & batch’ or ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our targeted, permission-based style is as respectful of your customers’ communication preferences as it is to your bottom line and ROI focus.

Campaign Analysis

Understand each marketing channel in detail

Our automated reporting solutions for prospect conversion and customer retention are tied to your direct marketing initiatives.

Marketing is far too often treated as a cost center instead of an integral revenue producer.   The reason is a failure to report.

Even if your organization is using low cost (or no cost) marketing and PR tools, these still drain your resources of time and attention. LS Direct Marketing recommends you invest only in what is measurable to build profitable customer relationships.

Our data analysis and proprietary methodology allow you to publish on-demand, management reports at the lead, customer and campaign levels, generate easy-to-understand analysis that is relevant to all stakeholders, understand each marketing interaction down to the individual detail, monitor prospects and clients throughout the entire revenue cycle and interpret which media ultimately drives a purchase decision.

 Some options our report can show you are return on investment (ROI), revenue per customer (RPC), thermal mapping, A/B Testing, RFM segmentation, cost of advertising, average ticket, and margin analysis.

Data Visualization

SmartDash lets you see what works

SmartDash is a marketing effectiveness tool that allows you to see your promotions, offers, and results all in one place. Discover deeper insights more quickly with powerful statistical tools to help you plan a better budget.

Integrate the following with your point of sale data: blended Consumer Data from Experian & other sources; market penetration; US Census Info; customer mapping through Google Maps; NOAA Weather Data; and credit scoring.

You will also be able to measure your results for creative & promotion effectiveness, marketing channel spend, prospecting, traffic, ROI analysis, RFM segmentation, historical archive for all of your offers…and your competitors. Receive customized, team-specific email and text alerts.