Intent-Based Postal Retargeting

Browse Today,
Mail Tomorrow

Personalized messaging based on their actual browse activity

Drive browse and cart abandons back to web or brick & mortar locations

True Omnichannel: Extend Your Digital Reach and Sales with Postal Retargeting




Learn About Boomerang direct in 60-Seconds:

Data Advantage

Target the Best of the Best

  • Hyper-recency -Active shoppers, hours after leaving website
  • Fully permission based identification
  • Reach both Customers and Prospects
  • Reach email opt-outs, non-openers
  • We always score and optimize based on your budget

Highly Personalized Messaging

Multiple Customization Points

  • Personalization with variable printing:
    • Addressed by name
    • Images of products/categories browsed
    • Offer based on products browsed
    • Nearest store location
  • Drives them back to your website and/or brick and mortar locations

Proven Results:

  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Grow Your Customer Base
  • Reduce Your Cost of Customer Acquisition
  • ROI Reporting on Your Desktop

Boomerang Direct: The Premier Postal Re-targeting Solution

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