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Data Driven Design

Quite Simply, We Are Data-Savvy Marketers. We Have The Street Sense And Legacy To Leverage Data Into Practical Strategy and Results.


The LS Experts

Our Founders

  • Jeff Horowitz
    Jeff Horowitz President & CEO

    Jeff literally grew up in the furniture industry and worked tirelessly to achieve ownership of a multi-million dollar home furnishings’ store, Suffern Fine Furniture. Jeff’s retail experience and formal education at Western New England College led to his passion for marketing. Jeff founded LS Direct Marketing in 1997 with just two employees. Since establishing the business, Jeff’s leadership has brought the company impressive growth while satisfying the direct marketing needs of thousands of companies in North America.

  • Chris Knoebel
    Chris Knoebel Co Founder & Vice President

    With over 30 years in the field, Chris has been immersed in digital production and direct marketing for his entire career. He studied Graphic Design, Visual Communications & Photography at The School Of Visual Arts in NYC. Since his tenure as team leader of The Graphic Arts at Gannett/USA Today, Chris has studied and implemented the newest technologies and tools to create visually exciting marketing materials for some of the nation’s largest retailers.

Data & Reporting Team

  • Brian
    Brian Data Insights Team
  • Christian
    Christian Data Production Team
  • Harkiran
    Harkiran Data Insights Team
  • David
    David Data Production Team
  • Julia
    Julia Data Insights Team
  • Jemal
    Jemal Data Insights Team
  • Anna
    Anna Data Production Team

Creative Development Team

  • Eva
    Eva Graphics Production Team
  • Shani
    Shani Graphics Production Team
  • Michael
    Michael Graphics Production Team
  • Janyce
    Janyce Graphics Production Team

IT & Development Team

  • Nick
    Nick Information Technology Team
  • Dean
    Dean Information Technology Team
  • Ray
    Ray Information Technology Team

Client Services & Sales

  • Kathy
    Kathy Client Success Team
  • Brian
    Brian Client Success Team
  • Danielle
    Danielle Finance Team
  • Valerie
    Valerie Client Success Team
  • Jeanette
    Jeanette Client Success Team

Helping Over 1,000 Clients

Every client conversation begins with the data. Data is behind every solution LS Direct Marketing designs.  We hold data on over 100 million households, more than 200 million individuals, and have access to hundreds of data selects.

Keep Their Customers

With three generations of retail experience and direct mail leadership for the home furnishings industry in North America, LS Direct Marketing is a technology partner to enterprise, agency and small business clients.

Find New Ones

Our company embraces and is conversant in all current and emerging digital media communication platforms to offer data driven design campaigns, aligned with your corporate objectives of profitability, customer retention and prospect conversion.


Retail Selling Expertise

It all began back in the 1940’s with a young man selling newspapers door-to-door. He would arrive daily, placing the paper in the resident’s hand at their preferred time, collecting payment on preferred days, and if they were not home leaving the newspaper in the preferred property location. He would remember if his customer had a birthday, special occasion, illness, or marriage.  The relationship with every client was personal and the daily exchanges unique.

Armed with client insights, this young man ventured into New York City once a week, bought sought-after items on consignment he predicted customers would like, and successfully sold his clients these additional wares along with their daily paper. Without dramatically altering his process, the newspaperman was able to offer a range of products and services to his customer base.  His ability to upsell attracted prospects and built customer loyalty.  His overall profitability increases afforded him the ability to open a general store within one year.

That newspaperman was Abraham Horowitz, grandfather of LS Direct Marketing’s co-founder and President, Jeff Horowitz.


Generations of Experience

Jeff and LS Direct Marketing’s Vice President/Creative Director, Chris Knoebel, understand the practical application of the newspaperman’s story in a modern age. The B2C (and B2B) relationship remains relevant because our team uses data, not just know-how, to engage customers and sustain loyalty.  Today, our portfolio includes over 1,000 enterprise, agency, and small business clients throughout North America.

LS Direct Marketing opened its doors in 1997 as LS Advertising, an agency servicing furniture retailers. With the advancement of print, digital media and data integration, the industries we serve and the solutions we provide have evolved, prompting our name change in 2011. That year, we also relocated our corporate headquarters to downtown Suffern, New York, within NYC’s metro area. The building is the same one Abraham Horowitz began his first retail business in all those years ago.

Customized Solutions

Quite simply, we are data-savvy marketers.  We have the street sense and legacy to leverage data into practical strategy.  Three generations of retail experience goes into our client solutions, which is something traditional data and list providers cannot offer.

Our primary objective is to target those customers and prospects making the largest contribution to your bottom line. We help our clients keep their customers, find new ones, build loyalty and recapture those who got away.  Clients choose LS Direct Marketing’s full suite of tools, technology and solutions to reach millions with customized, one-to-one communications.